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We're "Herring" Good Things About Stockholm

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

In a couple of months we're headed to Sweden for a long weekend of island hopping, roaming medieval streets and dining on seafood. Here's what we have planned...

It all started yesterday when I walked into the family room where Kalo was sitting on the couch with the biggest smile on his face. In front of him were torn up and folded sheets of paper inside the little gold basket where we keep all of the television remotes. He said "come here we're going to play a game to pick where we want to travel to this year." My excitement was immediate! There were 2 rounds and I got to pick 2 pieces of paper per round. After revealing the 4 locations, we tossed those back into the basket then narrowed down the selection to 2 and finally 1. The winner was Stockholm!

So there you have it, out of the blue and thanks to my wonderful husband, our annual trip selection tradition was born. We're only in the first year of our marriage and it makes my heart soar to think about what other fun traditions we'll dream up for our little family.

Okay, okay I'll stop being sentimental long enough to fill you in on why we're extremely excited to visit Sweden. Stockholm is one of the most stylish and sophisticated cities in Scandinavia. "Built on 14 islands where the Baltic Sea meets Lake Mälaren, Stockholm blends abundant nature and history with a lively cultural and dining scene," says TimeOut. Quick shout out to TimeOut, I love you! Such a great source for travel inspiration and always the first place I go in order to build my bucket lists.

Speaking of bucket lists, you'll see below that more than half of the activities I've selected involve some form of eating or drinking. A mistake. I don't think so! My travel philosophy is the best way to experience a new place and immerse yourself in the culture is through the food. When I travel I love to read the different restaurant reviews, find off-the-beaten-path neighbourhoods and eat like a local. In Stockholm, we'll also be taking tours, visiting museums, enjoying the outdoors, saying words like "hej" and "tack" and jamming out to some ABBA!

Our Stockholm Bucket List:

  1. Tour the Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral

  2. Meatballs for the People

  3. Vasa Museum

  4. Cinnamon Rolls at Chokladkoppen

  5. The ABBA Museum

  6. Freshly fried herring at Nystekt Strömming

  7. Stroll around Gamla Stan and Stortorget Square

  8. Eat toast skagen at Melanders

  9. Watch the sunset from Monteliusvägen Cliff Path

  10. Tyge & Sessil Wine Bar

  11. Royal Djurgården Park and waterfront dinner at Oaxen Slip

  12. Grab a sausage sandwich from Östermalms Korvspecialist

  13. Skansen Open-Air Museum

  14. Food Court Dining at Teatern

  15. Strömma's "Under the Bridges of Stockholm" Boat Tour

  16. Punk Royale (hottest reservation in town) or Punk Royale Cafe

  17. Drink beer at Akkurat

  18. Cocktails at Penny & Bill

  19. Fika (a coffee break) at Vete-Katten

  20. Romantic rooftop dinner and drinks at Tak

I'm sure we will add more to this list but for now we have 4 days, 20 items and a lot of eating to do. Do you think we can get through everything? Challenge accepted. If you have been to Stockholm and have any suggestions do let me know in the comments section. And lastly, be on the look out for more posts under Adventure Guide to hear all about our other 2019 trips, sites I always reference for recommendations and of course the trip recaps.

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