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Top 10 Loves of My Life

HUNGRY FOR LIFE is still in its infancy and it dawned on me that we don't know much about each other yet. So here's a list of some of my all-time favourites!


Just now I had Food Network's Pioneer Woman on TV in the background and overheard Ree Drummond running through everything she loves from her children to chocolate. I thought this was such a fantastic way to connect with people from afar, so I'm sorry Ree but I'm stealing your idea. As they say "imitation is the greatest form of flattery." And since there are still a couple days left of February, the month of love, I decided to put together my version of a love list for you all.

It's no surprise the majority of my Top 10 are food-related but I promise there is more to me than eating. Let's dive in, shall we?

1) Pub Life

I was built to live the pub life and I absolutely love everything about it from the cold pints and mixed nuts behind the bar to the fish & chips and ornately decorated rooms. Living in London it's hard to find that friendly neighbourhood vibe but at a pub you really do feel a sense of community.

2) Italy

I swear I must have been Italian in another life because I am completely infatuated with pasta, pizza and wine. But seriously I not only love Italian cuisine, I love their cool way of life and rich history. Some of my favourite cities in the world are Positano, Rome and Lake Como. Kalo and I keep talking about taking a road trip through Italy, maybe in 2020!?

3) Family Dinners

Whether you go out or stay in, I think one of the most special things you can do as a family is sit down and eat together. I used to love Sunday dinners at my Aunt Pam's house when I was in college, summer BBQs by my parent's pool or all of us meeting up at a restaurant downtown. These are some of my most cherished memories.

4) Ivory Everything

From home decor to clothes, ivory is hands down my favourite colour. I love crisp white dishes, cream linens and blankets, casual white t-shirts and flowy white sundresses. The list can go on and on so call it whatever you want ivory, cream, eggshell or white, it's simply the best.

5) Travel

Of course travel would be on my Top 10 list, I mean a whole section of my blog is devoted to it. But really the fact that I get the opportunity to explore new places with the person I love is something I will never take for granted. Click here to stay updated on all of my excursions!

6) "In the Kitchen" App

If you haven't done so already you need to stop reading this blog and go download Food Network's In the Kitchen app. You'll have access to thousands of recipes that you can save, categorise and even share. There are videos, helpful instructions, downloadable shopping lists, you name it. This app will change your life, you're welcome.

7) TV & Movies

Binge watching happens to be my favourite pastime. Whether it's reality, sci-fi, drama, or comedy you can bet that I'm watching it regardless of what the critics say. I live for Netflix documentaries and every single rom-com film. My Dad makes fun of how I can watch movies over and over again and my response to him is always "uhhh because I love them!"

8) Casseroles

I just did a post called My 9x13 Obsession and there has never been a more appropriate title. Casseroles are the most versatile dish in a home cook's repertoire, not to mention the most delicious. With a casserole you can feed a crowd, make them way in advance and let's be real the leftovers are really where it's at.

9) Champagne

Champagne for me is the ultimate celebration beverage and when you hear that pop of the cork you know it's going to be a great party. I think I get my love for champagne from my Mom because she always says "Woo I love that sound!" So regardless if it's champagne, prosecco or cava, if it's bubbly then I'm drinking it.

10) Organization

Being organised, writing lists and having a clean home brings me so much joy in life. Haha I know OCD much. But I'm a woman who plans, executes then plans again and I wouldn't have it any other way. Who is with me?

That's all I have for now ... but keep in mind the more you tune into HFL the more that will be revealed about myself. And, now that you've gotten this snapshot into my world, I hope to learn more about all of you so please feel free to leave your comments or message me directly. Also, be sure to follow @hungryfor_life_ on Instagram to see what's cooking on a daily basis.

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