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In London, All You Need is Love

Updated: Mar 10

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching so whether you're visiting London or have lived here for years, gather inspiration from where we'll be spending our date nights in 2019.

Of course Kalo and I love to travel but we also enjoy exploring places in and around our home. London is such a diverse, bustling city and there is plenty to do if you're willing to branch out. We get asked for recommendations constantly from visiting family and other couples which got me thinking that I should share what is on our London checklist this year.

Below you'll see the shows we'd like to go to, the restaurants we'd like to eat at and all the other London hot spots we'd like to visit. So if you're looking for ways to break up the week or spice up your date nights, you've come to the right place.

Our Date Night Bucket List:

Let's See a Show

Meals for Two

  • Take the Eurostar into Paris just for the evening to grab dinner and drinks

  • Press our table's personal champagne button at Bob Bob Ricard

  • Admire the beautifully presented dishes at Frog by Adam Handling

  • Sit at the counter and taste the incredibly authentic tapas at Sabor

  • Have an epic brunch with a spectacular view of London at Duck & Waffle

We Need a Nightcap

  • Geek out over the potions and cocktails at The Cauldron

  • Order from the lengthy cocktail menu at Swift Bar

  • Listen to classic records while sipping on fancy craft cocktails at FAM Bar

  • Visit each of Mr. Fogg's funky bars

  • Enjoy the small plates, coffees and martini's at Bar Termini in Soho

Outdoor Activities

Something Totally Different

  • Find "tastings" around London from chocolate and cheese to wine and beer

  • Take a class at Doughnut Time's Doughnut Academy

  • Bet on the horses at Ascot Racecourse

  • Get tickets to witness the Chicago Bears beat the Oakland Raiders in London

  • Rent a private karaoke room with a bunch of friends

There you have it, we made it to the end! Hopefully you've found a few items on our list that have peeked your adventurous spirit. I can't tell you enough how important date nights are to Kalo and I and we don't even have kids yet. Taking time for each other fuels our happiness and keeps us connected.

So this year, I challenge you to get creative and find activities in your own backyard. Be sure to send in any suggestions and stay tuned for my reviews of all these different places and fun experiences.

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