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HFL's Restaurant Hot List: June

The HFL Hot List is back baby but with a twist. Delivery is the name of the game these days so I've selected the "Top 5 Restaurants I'm Dying to Order From" this month.


Ordering In for the Win was my last post all about the local spots I've been loving in lockdown. Since restaurants aren't due to reopen for another month or two, I'm still very much into finding the best deliveries I can. Now, unlike my previous post, I've decided to broaden my search to include meal kits, tasty treats and wait for it ... cocktails! Let's go.

1) Truffle Burger Kit

The first time I ate Truffle Burger was inside the Seven Dials Market (p.s. love this place). Their aged beef burger with smoked cheese, a truffle and garlic sauce and caramelised shallot puree completely blew my mind. Oh and what really sealed the deal were Truffle's brie croquettes. I mean it's deep fried brie. Stop yourself. Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear Truffle had launched their burger kit delivery service. I ordered a box for Kalo's birthday and as you can see it arrived today. Can't wait to dig in!

For delivery, shop Truffle DIY

2) Bancone

When Bancone, a swanky Italian restaurant in Covent Garden, starts delivering pasta boxes you don't think you order. For 2 or 4 people, these kits come with everything needed to replicate delicious dishes like ravioli with sage butter, pork ragu with mafalde or bucatini with pea puree. I'm planning to round my next order out with the hazelnut chocolate mousse. How about you? ;)

For delivery, visit Bancone


The other week, a box of 6 gorgeously plump cookies came in the mail from Kalo's parents to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Best delivery ever! In fact, the cookies were so incredible that I immediately posted photos to HFL's Instagram and texted all of our friends about this dessert shop. Kalo and I both agree the white chocolate miso and double chocolate cookies were our favourites. Man, just thinking about the gooey middles and melty chocolate chips has my mouth watering all over again. I'll definitely be ordering from Crème for years to come and you should too.

For delivery, find on Deliveroo

4) Swift Bottle Shop

I went to Bar Swift for the first time with some girlfriends about a year ago and absolutely loved not only their cocktails but the vibe as well. Now that they deliver, I can't wait to recreate that cool, sophisticated feeling at home. I have my sights set on the Pear Collins, Solstice Spritz and Summer Cup. I say sights but these bottles are actually sitting in my cart as I type. I mean it doesn't get much easier than pouring pre-mixed batch cocktails over ice. Is it happy hour yet?

For delivery, shop Bar Swift

5) The Cheese Bar

Many have heard me say I could never be a vegan because I love cheese too much. Truer words were never spoken. The Cheese Bar is offering fondue-it-yourself (such a clever name) and grilled cheese kits on their site and I am here for it. Who doesn't want to have a fondue party in their living room this weekend? It's retro. It's nostalgic. It's just plain fun. Overall, the quality of these cheeses is undeniable. Plus I love the fact that hard working British cheesemakers are being thrust into the spotlight. Click here to read more about their story.

For delivery, visit The Cheese Bar

Give me a shout or a tag if you try and like any of the spots on this Hot List. And as always, send in your suggestions so I don't miss out on anything delicious near you. Happy ordering.

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