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HFL's Restaurant Hot List: March

We're headed to Stockholm this month and what better way to experience a new place than through the local cuisine. Here are the "Top 5 Swedish Restaurants I'm Dying to Try."


I've been counting down the days to our upcoming Stockholm trip and it's finally the perfect time to do some restaurant recon. That's right! My March Hot List is getting a Swedish makeover. Juicy meatballs, fresh seafood and fluffy cinnamon buns are all on my radar. But I have to come clean about something ... I'm a little worried about all the raw or smoked fish preparations and the different roes that garnish the traditional dishes. Eeek but I'm determined to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone and give everything a try. Are you all packed and ready to travel with me? Let's dive into this month's Top 5!

1) Meatballs for the People

IKEA might be known for its Swedish meatballs but I don't think they can compare to this trendy restaurant. Meatballs for the People is taking the humble yet famous Nordic meatball and bringing it up-to-date with fun, fresh ingredients. As a first-timer, I'm told to order the classic beef balls which comes with buttery mash, lingonberry jam and a creamy broth. Yum. But I know we won't stop there when there are more adventurous options on the menu like rooster, reindeer and salmon. Wish me luck.

Nytorgsgatan 30

116 40 Stockholm

2) Tak

Everywhere we go Kalo and I like to find spots with the best views. You can always find us at a rooftop bar, hiking up a massive hill or at the top of the tallest building. Tak, a new restaurant bringing the flavours of Japan to Stockholm, sits 48 meters (158 feet) above sea level and features wall-to-wall windows giving its guests impeccable views of Stockholm from any table. I can't wait to watch the sunset with a glass of wine in my hand and the whole sterling halibut on my plate. It is served on the bone with a warm salad of smoked potatoes, mangold, fennel, lemon and miso butter sauce. The 3 most beautiful words in that previous sentence are "miso butter sauce," am I right?

Brunkebergstorg 2-4

111 51 Stockholm

3) Sturehof

Sturehof dates back to 1897 and just like it was a century ago the restaurant is deeply dedicated to seafood. If you're walking by, there is no way you could miss the fish patterned awning and lively patio plus the smell of beurre blanc, lemon sole and seared scallops. I'm dying for the waiter to drop off a massive platter of steamed lobster in front of me or better yet snow crab. Many a family member has seen me demolish pound after pound of crab legs in record time. So Stockholm get ready, because I love crab and I'm not afraid to show it!

Stureplan 2 114 46 Stockholm

4) Tweed

Who wouldn't want to enjoy a fancy cocktail in a moody, tweed-covered room while sitting in a cozy leather armchair? The answer is NO ONE. Tweed is known as the "comfortable bar" in the heart of old town and ummm hello comfortable is my middle name. The decor reminds me of an traditional library but I'm told the drinks will definitely get you talking. They even have a cigar terrace open in the warmer months.

Lilla Nygatan 5

SE-111 28 Gamla Stan

5) Oaxen Slip

Located right on the harbour, overlooking a 17th century shipyard, Oaxen Slip is serving up their interpretation of Swedish bistro fare. Massive windows and large boats that hang from the ceiling create an ambiance like no other. Kalo and I will be heading here for lunch after touring the ABBA Museum. Kalo is thrilled but I'm thinking the lunch will more than make up for dragging him to dancing queen heaven. Also can I just say that Oaxen's website design is gorgeous!

Beckholmsvägen 26 SE-115 21 Stockholm

Before this post comes to a close, I wanted to let you all in on my secret weapon for finding fabulous restaurant recommendations. Eater is my all-time favourite site and I know it will quickly become yours! The coverage is impeccable and trend-focused, their news articles are timely but it's Eater's "heat maps" that make all the difference when looking for the best restaurants anywhere in the world. Check out some more amazing spots in Stockholm:

And finally, if you haven't done so already, follow @hungryfor_life_ on Instagram to keep tabs on all the different restaurants we visit while in Stockholm.

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