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Emerge from Lockdown HFL Style

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Restrictions are easing and it's finally time to poke our heads outside. I've got a list of fun activities to do around London this spring.


Never fear because HUNGRY FOR LIFE is here to help you make the most of your freedom from lockdown. I've gathered up 5 different activities that are guaranteed to get you up off the couch and away from the TV. So if you're dying for a change of scenery and to stretch your legs, look no further than the list below.

1) Reserve a GoBoat

Did you know you can captain your own boat on the canals of London? Fact. And it's a blast! GoBoat is one of my absolute favourite companies offering Londoners such an exciting day out and unique experience. Kalo and I are loyal customers having rented quite a few boats over the years for birthdays, anniversaries and hell just because.

Each boat is equipped with a table in the middle to hold all your BYOB goodies and there's plenty of space for 8 friends. I always like to pack a variety of meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits and local bakery treats. Don't forget to bring plenty of paper plates, napkins and a garbage bag. Oh and a must have are those baby champagne bottles. I never board a boat without at least 4, no make it 5, nah an even 6 haha.

2) Picnics With A Theme

Picnics are a way of life here in the UK. I swear before moving I could count on one hand how many picnics I had been on. But you know I've really bought into the whole blanket on the grass, fresh air, surrounded by flowers vibe. Regents Park, Hampstead Heath and Richmond Park happen to be some of my fav spots. I recommend bringing games out with you and you can always purchase some cheap folding chairs because your butt will go numb after a few hours. Funny story. Kalo recently bought one of those inflatable loungers and it's absolutely hilarious watching him set it up. If you see a crazy Bulgarian man running back and forth trying to catch air inside a massive nylon tube then rest assured that's my husband. Although, I have to admit that no matter how embarrassing that thing is, it's mighty comfortable.

As you all know, I'm a sucker for a theme and picnics are the perfect excuse to get creative in the kitchen. So if you're in the mood for brunch al fresco here are a few recipes to get you inspired. First up, Food Network's Spring Asparagus Tart is to die for but instead of putting together a cheese spread from scratch as the recipe suggests just buy boursin cheese. It's a brilliant shortcut if I do say so myself. Next, whip up a batch of Mini Spinach and Mushroom Quiche. They're great at room temperature and a perfect way to clean out your refrigerator. To round out your picnic, ya gotta have something sweet and Ree Drummond's Lemon Poppyseed Scones are so light, fluffy and very British. And finally to drink, try Delish's recipe for White Wine Sangria which is ideal for a picnic because the longer it sits the better it gets. Plus any cocktail with mango has my name written all over it. Mmm I mean who doesn't just love brunch, sunshine and most of all sangria?


3) Get on Your Bikes And Ride

Anyone who was on the ASU Dance Team with me will appreciate the title of this section ;) But seriously, if you don't have the Santander Cycles app already, download it today. Riding a bike is the ultimate socially distant activity and let's face it we can all probably use the exercise. It's also a great way to discover new neighbourhoods. However, if you're a novice like me DO NOT try the pedal up the hills in Hampstead. Just trust me. You've been properly warned. Now simply grab a pack of antibacterial wipes or spray and head over to the bike rack nearest you.

4) Coast Thru Life

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, can you hear the coast calling? Whitstable and Margate are the 2 coastal towns at the top of my list and both happen to be in Kent. Go figure. You all have heard me talk about Whitstable in HFL's Top-Rated Summer Activities, but I have to mention again how easy it is to get to, how adorable the town is and how delicious the beer tastes on the beach. Margate is sandy seaside perfection with just as much character. Head over to HFL's Adventure Guide section for all the scoop on what to do, what to see and where to eat in Margate. Also, for even more photos, check out my highlights on the @hungryfor_life_ Instagram.

Wanting to get your hike on? Head down to the Seven Sisters Cliffs (starting in Eastbourne toward Beachy Head) and take in the most epic views of the English Channel you'll ever see. It's a doozy of a workout but worth the bun burn when you're surrounded by all that salty air, sun and sea. If you're really ambitious, at the end of your hike, you can grab a bus to Brighton for several much needed pints and fried fish. The S W Coast Path is another HFL approved trail. I recommend beginning your Jurassic Coast journey in Lulworth Cove, a quiet, charming village. You'll battle a few hills to reach Durdle Door, a 10,000 year old rock arch where you'll spend the rest of your afternoon taking photos. You're welcome for the fresh social media content ha.


5) Visit the Rooftops of London

Restaurants with a bird's eye view of London are highly sought after especially when the clouds break and the rain subsides. I've had my eagle eye on Bar Elba (Waterloo), Vinegar Yard (London Bridge) and Pergola Paddington for quite some time now but haven't had the opportunity to go. Mark my words that come April nothing will stand in my way. These outdoor venues just look super casual and cool with bench seating, multiple trendy food vendors and proper safety measures in place. On the other hand, if you're wanting to splurge, check out Madison Rooftop near St. Paul's Cathedral, Radio Rooftop Bar and SUSHISAMBA's terrace. These spots are perfectly posh enough for date night or a special celebration you've had to postpone.

Random thought to leave you with. I feel as if we're all living in the movie Sleeping Beauty. Anyone know where I'm going with this? You know the part when the fairies put everyone to sleep then toward the end the kingdom slowly begins to wake up? Yes I've been watching wayyy too much Disney+, but in all seriousness London is waking up people! Can't wait to see you out there.

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