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5 Reasons to Visit Stockholm

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In the first of many posts about my recent trip to Stockholm, I'm breaking down the 5 things I absolutely love about this city.


Kalo and I's weekend in Stockholm was ... well I'm not sure I can pick just one adjective. Amazing. Breathtaking. Exciting. Interesting. I think Stockholm may have this perception of "nobody thinks to go there" but it's truly a shame if you don't. Everyone speaks perfect English, there are plenty of fabulous restaurants and each island you visit is an entirely new experience. So if you're planning a trip and wondering where you should go next, here are 5 great reasons to choose Stockholm.

1) Me Like-a Fika

Imagine a mystical Nordic land full of beautiful, tall people that stop what they are doing each day to sit with friends, sip on a latte and enjoy the most amazingly sticky cinnamon buns. It's no wonder the residents in this region are so happy! This Swedish tradition of "taking a break" is called fika and it has quickly become my new favourite dining concept.

2) Gorgeous, Grand Architecture

Stockholm is a feast for the eyes and showcases the perfect marriage between modern and traditional. If you look in one direction you'll see the minimalistic decor that Sweden is known for, but then if you keep walking you'll stumble upon the cobble stone streets of Gamla Stan, the largest and best preserved medieval city. The colourful buildings are just dreamy, each window is covered in these adorable dome awnings and the cone-shaped rooftops give the city so much character.

3) Water, Water Everywhere

Usually you have to step outside of a city to find lakes, rivers and nature. Not in Stockholm. It's situated across 14 islands and never has a city felt so fresh and clean. As you cross the different bridges, I swear there is something magical about watching the sun sparkle on the many canals.

4) Keep the Beers Flowing

I thoroughly read up on Stockholm before our trip but I didn't find anything about how amazing their beer is. We did not have one lousy beverage the entire trip. If you're into craft beers, be sure to check out Akkurat in Södermalm. The staff was so knowledgable and excited to introduce us to new brews.

5) Transportation Geniuses

Stockholm makes it so easy for visitors to get around and travel like locals. Getting your bearings and navigating through the city was a no brainer. We walked, rented an electric scooter, island hopped via ferry and took the train to and from the airport. All the sights are so well connected and I love you for that Stockholm.

There is plenty more to share with you all so keep and eye on my Adventure Guide for posts about Stockholm's food scene and some of the best dishes I ate. Plus, I'll share important dos and don'ts that you won't want to miss.

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